Gaelscoil Chluain Meala

Discipline Policy 

In devising this code, consideration has been given to the particular needs and circumstances of this school. The aim is to ensure that the individuality of each child is accommodated while acknowledging the right of each to education in a relatively disruption free environment.
Every effort will be made by all members of staff to adopt a positive approach to the question of behaviour in the school. The code offers a framework within which positive techniques of motivation and encouragement are utilised by teachers.
The school recognises the variety of differences that exist between children and the need to accommodate these differences,
It is agreed that a high standard of behaviour requires a strong sense of community within the school and a high level of co-operation among staff and between staff, pupils and parents.

Rules will be kept to a minimum and will be stated in positive terms:

1. I respect myself
2. I respect others
3. I respect my place
4. I respect my Gaeilge

Respecting Myself

• I should be aware of my personal cleanliness.
• I should be aware of the language I use.
• I should bring a sensible nutritional lunch to school.
• I should always do my best in school by listening carefully, working as hard as I can and by completing my school work and homework.
• I organise myself for school and bring everything I need.
• I should keep my belongings clean and tidy i.e. my books, my schoolbag etc.

Respecting Others

• I should be kind and respectful to teachers and other pupils by being mannerly and polite, include those who wish to play, by taking turns, following the agreed rules of the game and by sharing.
• I should behave well in class so that my fellow pupils and I can learn
• I should be truthful and honest at all times.

Respecting my Place.

• I attend school regularly and I am punctual.
• I should keep my school clean by making sure I always use the bins provided for my rubbish.
• I should respect the toilet areas and make sure I leave the area as clean as I find it.
• I should always tidy up after myself and I keep my space tidy.

Respecting my Gaeilge

• I should always use my Gaeilge when on the school premises.
• I should encourage others to use Gaeilge to me.

Safety Rules

• I always walk when inside the building.
• I remain seated during lunch breaks in the classroom

Each teacher has responsibility for the maintenance of discipline within his or her classroom while sharing common responsibility for good order within the school premises,

At the beginning of each year teachers and pupils together will draw up a list of positive behaviours appropriate to the needs of each classroom - Code of Conduct.


• Provide a comfortable, safe environment.
• Support the Principal and staff in implementing the code.
• Ratify the code.


• Provide support for all staff and pupils in implementing the Code of Behaviour.
• Promote a positive climate in the school.
• Ensure that the Code of Behaviour is implemented in a fair and consistent manner.
• Arrange for review of the Code, as required.


Support and implement the school’s code of behaviour.
• Create a safe working environment for each pupil.
• Recognise and affirm good work.
• Prepare school work and correct work done by pupils.
• Recognise and provide for individual talents and difference among pupils.
• Be courteous, consistent and fair.
• Keep opportunities for disruptive behaviour to a minimum.
• Deal appropriately with misbehaviour.
• Keep a record of instances of serious misbehaviour or repeated instances of misbehaviour.
• Provide support for colleagues.
• Monitor patterns of misbehaviour.
• Draw up a behaviour plan for student if appropriate.
• Communicate with parents when necessary and provide reports on matters of mutual concern.
• To communicate issues which arise to the Principal where appropriate.


Encourage children to have a sense of respect for themselves and for property.
• Ensure that children attend regularly and punctually.
• Be interested in, support and encourage their children’s school work.
• Be familiar with the code of behaviour and support its implementation.
• Co-operate with the teachers and school management in instances where their child’s behaviour is causing difficulties for others.
• The onus is on parents/guardians to ensure that their children’s hair is free from headlice and to deal with the problem promptly if notified by the school authorities.
• Communicate with the school in relation to any problems which may affect child’s progress/behaviour.
• Furnish the school with all appropriate reports or information in relation to the child’s behaviour or academic progress.
• Be mindful of the school rules regarding communication with school staff and the impact of interruptions on the integrity of the school day.
• Be courteous and patient in their dealings with all members of the school community.
• To encourage the observation of the school’s Gaeilge rule and to lead by example in using Gaeilge where possible in the school vicinity and during school activities.

Unacceptable Behaviour

The goals of misbehaviour will be examined and logical consequences applied. (c.f Co-operative discipline handbook)
• If child chooses not to finish work during class time or if homework is not completed satisfactorily – he/she may be asked to remain inside at break time to complete same
• If child is rough at play in yard he/may be asked to remain inside for next break until he decides to play in an appropriate fashion.

When deemed necessary –parents will be involved.

• Communication with parents will be via phone, letter, e-mail depending on circumstances. Parents will be invited to come to the school to discuss child’s case.
• For gross misbehaviour or repeated instances of serious misbehaviour, suspension will be considered. For gross misbehaviour, or repeated instances of serious misbehaviour, suspension will be considered. Aggressive, threatening or violent behaviour towards a teacher will be regarded as serious or gross misbehaviour. Where there are repeated instances of serious misbehaviour, the Chairperson of the Board of Management will be informed and the parents will be requested in writing to attend at the school to meet the Chairperson and the Principal. If the parents do not give an undertaking that the pupil will behave in an acceptable manner in the future, the pupil may have to be suspended for a temporary period. Suspension will be in accordance with the terms of Rule 130(5) of the Rules for National Schools. In the case of gross misbehaviour, the Board shall authorise the Chairperson or Principal to sanction an immediate suspension, pending a discussion of the matter with the parents. Expulsion maybe considered in an extreme case, in accordance with Rule 130(6).
• Every effort will be made to have an emotionally disturbed child referred for psychological assessment without delay. Help will be sought also from support services within the wider community, e.g. community Care services with HSE, etc.
• In the belief that the most effective schools tend to be those with the best relationships with parents, every effort should be made to ensure that the school provides a welcoming atmosphere towards parents.

The code will be reviewed at regular intervals.

This Code of Behaviour was formulated in consultation with Staff, Board of Management, Parents and pupils of Gaelscoil Chluain Meala and is regularly reviewed. (Reviewed 23rd May 2018) The staff, as a team, works to ensure that all policies and practices support the objectives of the Code of Behaviour.